The Best Skate Spray to Avoid Smelly Skates

Let’s face it, if you have been playing hockey for years now, you absolutely know how the equipment like your skates would stink over the period of time. And if you don’t know how to clean and deodorize them, that might even bring some embarrassment.


There are so many effective ways to keep your skates clean and smelling fresh. Often times, it’s your own laziness that’s leading you to having smelly skates. Keeping them clean is about taking the initiative of doing regular maintenance and washing of skates.

Dealing with Smelly Skates

Since you don’t want to put yourself in shame, you got to deal with the smelly skate’s problem. You have to work it out. The most common and effective way to keep your skates from getting stinky is every after using them, make sure to remove the laces and pull its tongue right out. By doing so, you’re letting the skate breathe and the air can get inside to dry it out properly.

You can also use a natural shoe deodorizer or a skate spray to remove the foul odor that’s starting to develop. One cheapest and proven effective process is to use vinegar to kill possible bacteria growth and removing the stinky smell.

What makes it Smelly?

You don’t have to feel bad about having stinky skates because you aren’t alone to have such kind of a dilemma. Many hockey players are sharing the same sentiments. The fact that you’re playing hockey, sweating is unavoidable. With that, getting stinky is nothing but typical.

That stinky odor that you smell comes from a certain bacteria, producing some foul odor. So the equation starts from your sweat, giving bacteria a good room to grow. As a result, your skates will smell like rotting fungi. The only way to avoid it, is to make sure that you keep your skates dry and clean every after practice or game.

The Best Skate Spray

Using skate spray is one of the best ways to keep your skates from getting stinky. After cleaning the skates, taking out the laces, footbed and getting the tongue out, spraying some odor eliminating sprays would make a difference. Then let the skates sit open for days to let it dry completely.


There are many skate sprays available in the market today. You can find some bio odor eliminator spray, which are very safe to use. To make the skate smelling fresh and clean, you can pick some aroma sanitizing sprays are also out in the market. You can also go for some home remedies if you want. You can use vinegar. Put some in an empty spray bottle. It will help to kill germs and odor as well.

Do it

Many hockey enthusiasts are aware of the possibility of getting stinky skates. Some probably have already faced some embarrassments because of that. Your advantage however is you already know how to prevent it. All you need to keep in mind is this, you have to do it. Do what it takes to stay away from having stinky skates!




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