Why Hockey Players Need Personal Trainers

Connor-McDavid.-PEP-Hockey-TrainingHockey players don’t turn into hockey superstars overnight. They go through rigorous training and practices to get far in their career. However, there are unique skill sets that hockey players must improve to step up their game. A variety of on and off ice exercises  are accessible to those who want to strengthen their foundation in the sport.

There are personal trainers who create custom-tailored workouts for those who want goal-specific results. Institutions like born to thrive  can help you train explosively to match up with this intense game’s demand. Combinations of powerful cardio workouts can be done with traditional exercises to help you achieve your optimal potential. A lot of you might be wondering why bodybuilding and all the other exercises are not enough to mold you into a fit hockey player. Here are several reasons why you need a definite hockey workout:

  • A strong need for balance

Wondering why accidents happen? This factor plays a big part in preventing injuries. When you have proper proportion muscular and strength balance, awkward positioning and movements will be lessened giving you more time to maximize your speed, strength, agility and power output.

  • Promoting flexibility

You can observe that most big-bodied hockey players continue to grow bigger and stronger but remain tight and less flexible during their game. This is common for players who are 15 years old and above. Once you release the tightness in areas like the hip, an improvement in the player’s agility will be more evident.

  • Specific training

Plyometric training is a great exercise for hockey players. There are plyometric drills that are geared towards improving motor coordination, lateral power, vertical jump height, landing strength and power. There is so much potential that personal training  can specifically give you.

  • For endurance

Hockey is a high-intensity game that creates a great increase in heart rate. Having a good cardiovascular endurance will help the players remain fit and fast for the whole duration of the game. By training aerobically and non-aerobically, players can effectively utilize the changing energy systems to improve their game performance.

  • Agility

This is one of the training essentials that a hockey player should go through. They should learn about ground-agility patterns and other agility drills  to help them cope up with the continuous change of directions that they continuously do while in the game.

For those who are dedicated in optimizing their full potential in this field, it is important to consider all the possible ways on how to improve not only your body-build but your energy system and special skill sets. It may not be an overnight success but going through all the hard work will definitely be seen in the arena.


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