Upper Body Injuries in Hockey

Every time you see on the news that a hockey player get into an upper body injury, you’d probably think, what really is it and where exactly the injury is. The percentage of hockey players getting an upper body injury is higher based on the reports. Hockey is such an extreme sport and getting into an injury is inevitable. Players are so prone to bumping each other, fall and slip.

Although injuries can’t be avoided when playing hockey, you can always find a way to at least minimize its effect. For instance, the www.braceaccess.com offers gears and clothing that you can use to protect your body from too much impact. Before knowing some of the ways to prevent Injuries, it might be important to know some of the possible upper injuries that you’ll get when you are planning to play hockey.

Hockey Injuries

Shoulder Injury. Since the game requires a lot of contact, getting a shoulder injury is common. It occurs when the shoulder did a direct and high impact contact to the other player, the ice or on the board. It may range from a shoulder separation to a broken collarbone.

Hip Injury. Although hockey gears have reinforced with padding, a direct hit on your hips will still cause you some injury. Since you’ll need to do some skating and gliding, hip injury is inevitable. As much as possible have the right protection when you play.

Elbow Injury. Your elbow also is one of the most exposed part of your body and that is very prone to blow and direct contact. That’s why you’ve got to wear soft padding or a plastic outer shell even.

Dealing with Injuries

For all you know, even professional hockey players are getting into an injury trouble. For that very reason why you need to have the proper ideas about how to prevent or deal an injury.

First, is that you need to have the right conditioning program. You might seek the advice and the expertise of trainers for you to have the right ideas on what to do. You need to get your body prepared for the bumps and contact that you’d do.

You also need to make sure that the equipment and gears that you are using are in its good condition. They shouldn’t be undersized, broken or worn out. It’s often the reason why accidents during the game occur. Make sure to check everything each and every game.

Finally, you need to follow the rules. Always have the sense of sportsmanship when playing. Since hockey requires too much contact, you need to know how to respect your opponents. Do not go beyond what is allowed. Injuries often occurs when a player pushes too hard, hitting the opponents too much.

In the event that you get yourself injured, make sure that you follow all the treatment procedures. If you need to refrain from playing and wear braces for shoulder injuries, do it. Do not push yourself too much or it would end up your hockey career forever. If you want to be able to get back to playing. Follow what your physician said, if you need to rest, then you should.


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