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Our website is dedicated to providing an alternative perspective on all things hockey. We decided to start this website when we came to see that the hockey news market was saturated with celebrity style gossip and endless panel discussions interrupting highlights.

At PPM, we will discuss interesting topics to do with hockey, whether it be news and events, information on upcoming prospects, recent hot issues in professional hockey, etc. Much of our focus at first will be on hockey in North America, but it is our goal to reach more globally and provide news and information on an international level.

Who Are We?

Our crew consists of multiple individuals with a lifetime of hockey experience. This doesn’t mean we’re good, we just play a lot. Some of our guys have played at an elite level where others have been buried in the house leagues for as long as they can remember. At the end of the day, we all end up in the beer leagues anyway!

We come from a variety of backgrounds, and oddly enough, none of us have much experience at all in news, journalism, or just reading in general. However, like many groups of friends and colleagues, our discussions about hockey often become heated with vastly different opinions. We have been told numerous times from other friends or coworkers that our discussions are surprisingly interesting and enjoyable to listen to, which is another reason we decided to venture into an online platform.

Who Can Contribute?

None of us are an old panel guy pretending to know absolutely everything about hockey through the use of their phone, and therefore we do appreciate any help we can get when it comes to cool things to talk about in the hockey world, unique perspective on hot topics, and anything else we may not realize. Simply fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we can get rolling!

We also encourage those with a rehabilitation or strength training background to offer their thoughts on tips and tricks for training, preparation for or recovery from training, info on new hockey equipment, different exercise programs, etc, that both elite hockey players and recreational athletes can benefit from.

Is hockey the only thing we talk about?

Pretty much, but that doesn’t mean we can mention or touch on other sports when the story is related to hockey. Our crew loves sports in general, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we got fired up about something going on in a different sport and somehow tie it in with hockey.

We hope you enjoy our content and maybe even will think about contributing, especially if you’re sick of the trendy hockey news and hockey panel guys on any sports network!

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